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What awaits you in Cape Coral and Fort Myers? More than you can fit in a travel guide

Florida. Who does not think of the sun when you hear Florida, endless beaches, propeller boats, which pass by the alligators on their way through the Everglades? The Everglades are called by Indians “moving earth“ and the older ones among us will think of Flipper.Of course you can expect all this on your vacation in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. The dolphins probably will not listen when you call them Flipper, but you will get a close up first hand experience of them in their natural environment.  But these are just the typical  pictures, which guidebooks convey to give you a first impression of the Sunshine State. But Florida has much more to offer. The southernmost US state next to Hawaii is a 

microcosm in which past, present and future become one unity and are merged, which is viewed with pure awe by tourists.Millions of years of old swampy landscapes and rapidly growing state-of-the-art cities share the 65000 square miles large urban area. Since this is not always done voluntarily, a variety of of huge national parks were put in place, where flora and fauna are under protection and the unrestrained growth of the cities is stopped.

Is Florida more than a retirement paradise? Cape Coral represents the modern Florida

Within a few decades, Cape Coral has become a magnet for tourists from all over the developed world. Why was that so fast? Very easily. The city has been around for about 60 years.Before, there was nothing here. In any case, nothing that would have moved someone to spend their vacation here. Today Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. Even theMetropolis Miami can hardly keep up with the breathtaking pace. Cape Coral and its neighboring city Fort Myers which are only separated by two bridges over the Caloosahatchee River have for a long time now been more than just insider tips from experienced tourists. 

Hardly anywhere is real estate as desirable as it is here. Especially in the preferred locations around the old yacht club, it is almost impossible to find existing properties, and lots for new buildings are now also in short supply. A tourist usually only notices this, if he is in love with Cape Coral and instead of renting a vacation home would like to purchase his own property here. He would definitely be in good company, because more and more vacation homes and villas in Cape Coral are offered by German landlords and have a German speaking property management, who will take care of the individual homes and of course the tourists according to high quality standards. To make Cape Coral or Fort Myers the starting point for tours to visit the numerous excursions and interesting attractions in Florida, is indeed a good decision. High quality furnished vacation homes and luxurious villas invite you to experience a wonderful vacation, which even experienced globetrotters will fondly remember for a longtime to come.

You should know this about Cape Coral and Fort Myers:

1. Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida.

2. More and more German landlords offer vacation homes and luxury villas.

3. A German-speaking property management is very helpful.

4. Make a list of attractions before you leave which you definitely want to visit

5. Cape Coral and Fort Myers are separated only by the Caloosahatchee River.

6. Properties in Cape Coral are now in short supply due to the high demand.

There's a lot to discover

There are vacation destinations where sun worshipers get their money’s worth, others will attract tourists who are interested in culture, others will be fascinated by nature. Florida offers something for everyone. Sun-drenched, a total of more than 936 miles of dreamy beaches, museums, St. Augustine - still the oldest settlement of European settlers in the US - even old forts from the Civil War can still be found here. Even nature is not neglected in Florida. Huge nature reserves, such as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, are waiting to be explored by adventure-seeking vacationers. But of course you don’t feel like driving for miles every single day. As interesting as Florida's sights may be, they are spread all over the state. On days where your mind and body is just looking for a well deserved relaxation on your time off, you will find the ideal conditions for this in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. At your private pool, which almost all vacation homes and villas have here, you can relax wonderfully. On the fantastic beaches of Fort Myers at any rate. Whoever does not want to forgo a little exercise can also stroll through a typical American shopping mall on quiet days or walk in thebeautifully landscaped city parks. For families with children Mike Greenwell's Bat-A-Ball & Family Park is an ideal destination. You can also relax wonderfully on the beautifully landscaped golf courses in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. You do not have to be a second Severiano Ballesteros. Golf in Florida is a sport for the common man and for most players simply a pleasant pastime. That is why lots of vacation homes and luxury villas have an access to a golf course.Whoever wants to paint the town red and wants to get thoroughly spoiled and does not feel like having your own barbecue, will find a great selection of first class restaurants in the immediate vicinity. If you thought American food only consists of burgers and t-bone steaks will be pleasantly surprised by the international cuisine. Here you will find everything that is good and delicious. As a guest you can expect first class service in many restaurants and if you are dining in a waterfront restaurant you will also have a wonderful view with unforgettable sunsets. Whether or not you can also relax as you dive into the turbulent nightlife of Cape Coral and Fort Myers depends on your personal preference. But nightlife is not just hot disco music and flashy laser shows. In some restaurants of the city you can also experience excellent country musicians live.

You will find this in a Cape Coral and Fort Myers neighborhood

A large selection of restaurants is just minutes from the vacation homes and luxury villas Plenty of beaches for sunbathing and relaxing

Nightlife in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and nearby places like Sanibel and Captiva Island or  Matlacha is diverse and something special and caters to all ages and tastes Beautiful city parks invite you to take a stroll. The people who planned the city, also thought of the kids.

The endless network of waterways in Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a bit like Venice. In many places you will be as mobile with your boat as with your own car. The city is criss-crossed by a huge network of waterways. These, incidentally, even if it initially appears that way, do not belong to the original landscape. A glimpse into the history of the city solves this mystery. When Leonard and Jack Rosen, two brothers from distant Baltimore bought the huge area in the late 50s for just under $ 700,000,  their first task was to dry the marshes. In a short time this created waterways and canals with a total length of more than 370 miles.  Some of them flow directly into the Gulf of Mexico. A special highlight of the luxurious vacation homes and luxury villas in Cape Coral, many of which are right on the water, is therefore an additional service the German landlords like to offer their vacation guests: to book their own boat. If you want to, the duration of the rental can be limited or the rental can be for the entire duration of your stay in Florida. Since along with the boat we also offer a theoretical and practical introduction, even the previously inexperienced amateur captain start his first independent boat tour right away: "Anchors away!”

Even on land you will find yourself quickly getting the hang of things as a tourist. With almost 180,000 inhabitants, Cape Coral is not exactly a small town, but because it was created on the drawing board of city planners, the street pattern was laid out very logically. The Santa Barbara Boulevard and the Pine Island Road will help you to find your way quickly. The two roads run from the north to south or west to east and divide Cape Coral into four parts.

What should you do if you can’t get the thought of a fantastic vacation in Cape Coral or Fort Myers out of your head?

The links on this page will give you plenty of information about the key questions that you will need to answer before coming to Florida. You will learn, amongst other things, how you can find your vacation home or your dream villa or rent a boat from Germany. Our digital travel guide familiarizes you with interesting sights and the history of Cape Coral. If you still have questions, just send us a non-binding email with your info and your desired dates to We will provide you with all information which you need for further planning.  

Of course you can also contact us by phone: +49 (0) 163 251 26 80 (Germany)

or +1 239 233 0258 (Florida, USA).

Plan your vacation in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

To to list Check off after completion pick a date collect as much information on this page about the links as possible Select a vacation home or luxury villa Decide if you want to rent a boat Contact the German landlords in Cape Coral and work out the details check required documents early that are necessary to enter the US pack your suitcase Experience a fantastic vacation