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Are you looking for a completely furnished holiday home or a fantastic villa in a prime location in Florida? Then look no further! You have found it here in Cape Coral!

Cape Coral is located in the southwest of the sunshine state Florida. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers. Only in the north - with the huge nature reserve Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve - is this heavenly patch of earth connected to the mainland. The largest part of Cape Coral borders directly onto the Gulf of Mexico. Closely is the famous Fort Myers. On the inside, Cape Coral is characterized by a multitude of waterways and canals. No wonder this part of Florida has a magical appeal to tourists from all over the world. Most visitors love this place from the moment they first set eyes on it.

Have we awakened your mood for a vacation? Then you should now rent your own villa with a pool in Cape Coral.

There are people who do not just want to go on vacation, but they want to treat themselves to something very special. With everything your heart desires. If you are one of those types of tourists who want to make the most beautiful weeks of the year an unforgettable experience, then read on. In our vacation homes and villas in Cape Coral, you can not only enjoy the sun - often even at the in-house pool. Outside of the spacious estates, which all have several bedrooms, the vibrant life and the Florida sun are waiting for you.

Do you want to rent from a private person? Who owns the villas we rent in Cape Coral?

All vacation homes and villas in our program are privately owned and are therefore lovingly and comfortably equipped. The owners are from Germany and Switzerland. All of them have been in Cape Coral for years and have fallen in love with the easy access to the ocean, the stunning beaches and the beautiful nature, and they found their second home here. I bet the same will happen to you ….

How can I rent my dream villa from you?

Just send us a short request to our e-mail address (, then we will contact you immediately. If you tell us in advance the date of your vacation and your wishes for a perfect stay in one of our villas, we can immediately make concrete suggestions. Of course, you can also contact us by phone: +1 (239) 703-0103 (Florida, USA).

You will decide how much space you need and how much luxury your vacation home should offer

Our vacation homes and villas have one thing in common: they are fully equipped. Your vacation in Florida should be pure pleasure from the first moment on. We want you to feel at home with us. And since not all people have the same wishes and needs, you will find in Cape Coral very different vacation homes. The living space amounts to between 164 square meters (1475 sq. ft) and representative 600 square meters. (5400 sq. ft.) Depending on the size of the vacation home, three, four or six bedrooms are available for you and your family or friends. Enough space to enjoy some peace and quiet after a busy day. Almost all villas have a pool, which is usually also heated. Naturally, you will find state-of-the-art communication facilities such as Wifi as well as a garage and additional parking facilities for your rental car.

Click here for our vacation homes and villas.

How many people fit in a vacation home?

That depends on the living space and the number of bedrooms. Three bedrooms can accommodate a maximum of 6 people in the house. In the largest villa with six bedrooms, up to 12 people can spend an unforgettable vacation.

vacation home/luxury villa

living space

Number of bedrooms

Happy Cape 6

164 qm   1476 sq. ft.

1:  Happy Cape 1

180 qm   1620 sq. ft.

2:Happy Cape 5

220 qm    1980 sq. ft.

3: Happy Cape 3

230 qm    2070 sq. ft.

4: Happy Cape 7

235 qm    2115 sq. ft.

5: Happy Cape 13

250 qm    2250 sq. ft.

6: Happy Cape 2

357 qm    3213 sq. ft.

7: Happy Cape 12

600 qm    5400 sq. ft.

As a tenant of a villa in Florida, do I have a local contact person?

Yes, you do. For questions that should arise during your holiday in Cape Coral, our German-speaking property management is at your disposal. After all, we want you to spend the most beautiful vacation of your life with us. With every imaginable comfort you could wish for.

Is Cape Coral suitable for children?

Cape Coral is just as much a paradise for kids as it is for parents. Since most villas have a pool, it is an advantage if the little ones can already swim. The many excursion possibilities also offer spectacular highlights for children and adolescents. Of course, a visit to the popular theme parks in Orlando, for example Magic Kingdom, is the standard fare. But Florida also offers many other attractive activities for younger kids that are not well known. Older children will never forget attending a Junior Ranger program in one of the many Florida State Parks. The Lovers Key State Park at Fort Myers is one of 171 parks in Florida where you will find this exceptional offer. The children must fulfill twelve different tasks in the park, which should bring them closer to the nature of Florida. For each task completed, a park employee sticks a badge in the participant's task book. If you have completed 6 tasks, you will be solemnly awarded the "Official Junior Ranger Patch". If you have all the badges together, there is even the "Official Junior Ranger Pin" that you will receive by e-mail. If you want to get started right away in the park, you can download the task list and your personal "Junior Ranger Passport" to which the badges are glued in advance via the Florida State Parks website ( programs / jr ranger program). ". A visit to the Sun Splash Family Waterpark in Cape Coral should not only be remembered by the kids. The fastest water slides in the park also demand respect from the adults. However, many amusement parks are not open all year round. So that you do not stand in front of locked gates like the Griswolds in “Vacation”, you should first find out about this via the respective websites.

By the way: Children enjoy the time in our vacation homes at a significantly reduced price. In some villas children up to 6 years are even free of charge.

Checklist: The Road to the "Official Junior Park Ranger"

• Download the task list and Junior Ranger Passport on the Florida State Parks website.

• Inform one of the park's employees.

• Have each parked task confirmed by a Park employee with a badge.

• Receive the "Official Junior Ranger Patch" for six successful tasks.

• Achieve the "Official Junior Ranger Pin" by completing all 12 required tasks.

• Scan Passport with all badges and ID and email to The "Jr. Ranger Pin "will then also be sent by mail.

I want to explore the numerous canals and waterways in Cape Coral by boat. Can you help me with this?

Yes, we can. Some villas already have their own boat, which you can easily rent. If one of the vacation homes does not have a boat, you can easily book one through us. You have the choice between boats with 150 and 350 hp. We will bring the boat directly to the house at your desired date. If you would prefer to enjoy the view during a boat trip instead of standing at the helm, we are happy to give tips on how and where to book exciting tours. We can recommend a dolphin tour. Further answers to the most important questions about renting a boat in Cape Coral and to the most beautiful destinations that you can reach in Florida by boat are available via this button XXX

What should I pay attention to during my Florida vacation?

A vacation in Florida is an extraordinary experience for many people and not commonplace. Accordingly, you should already prepare for these weeks at home. So every vacation can become a wonderful experience. Of course, good planning also saves unnecessary stress. There is usually more than enough stress during the year anyway. Above all, one should consider the different wishes of all participants. Then everyone gets their money's worth and you can take a trip that another family member wanted to visit with a much more relaxed attitude. Even if everything is not always what you would like to do. After all, there's nothing wrong with an exciting rest day for the kids at the pool following an exciting day at Disney World. Your feet will thank you because the size of the large theme parks is downright adventurous.  You will have much more get-go on the following days again. Many travel guides, but also the Internet offer a lot of information about interesting destinations. This is usually enough for a rough planning. Cape Coral and Florida offer such a variety of rewarding activities that one vacation is not enough to discover everything anyway. Of course, we have in addition to the usual destinations also one or more insider tips for you.

You can get information about entry requirements and other important preparations for example recommended vaccinations on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Checklist: How to plan your unforgettable holiday under the Florida sun

• What requirements do you have for your vacation home or villa?

• How many rooms do you need during your stay in Cape Coral?

• Should the house have its own pool?

• Do you want to live centrally or near the Gulf of Mexico?

• Do you need a boat at your vacation home?

• Reserve your rental car early.

• Verify that you meet all entry requirements into the United States.

• If you travel with children, you can also plan exciting offers for the kids.

• Check in advance the distances to your desired destinations. That can easily be a few hundred miles. It's a good three hours by car to Orlando.

• know the opening times of the excursion destinations.

What weather can I expect in Cape Coral?

Florida is not called the Sunshine State for nothing. Although Germany has experienced some warmer summers in recent years, we can not keep up with Florida. Even in the winter months, the 20 ° C is regularly reached in the southern areas - where Cape Coral is located. In the summer, the daytime temperature is almost consistently beyond the 30 ° C mark. If you like the ocean or the pool in the sun, Cape Coral is the place for you. At just under 26 ° C, the Gulf of Mexico almost reaches the warmth of a bathtub in the summer. According to, the sun shines in the south of Florida at an average of at least 7 hours a day. In Germany, the corresponding comparison is just over 4 hours.

If you want to know what temperatures you can count on during your vacation in Cape Coral, you will find out here.