Excursion destinations in Cape Coral and surroundings

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When traveling to Florida as a European for the first time, even ordinary situations can be overwhelming. Even a walk in Cape Coral quickly turns into an unforgettable trip. Idyllic places like Cape Harbor even enchant the most persistent couch potatoes. The streets are lined with palm trees. Above the marina wafts the scent of the ocean and the big wide world. The shops invite you to browse, and everything seems oversized. But you quickly get used to the dimensions in the land of unlimited possibilities. Now is the time for the really spectacular attractions.

These are trips that you should definitely plan in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

As we all know, we all have different likes and dislikes. Of course, this also applies to destinations. The person who does a tour with his family tour is likely to have different attractions on his wish list than a person who spends his Florida vacation with friends. Some destinations however, are always worthwhile for everyone and should be planned well in advance of your arrival.  One of these favorite attractions is the adventure of experiencing the playgrounds of the dolphins and whales, for example with the Banana Bay Tour Company. On your one and a half hour trip with the boat you will usually spy some bald eagles or manatees.  One of the interesting things of the tour is also the information that the experienced boaters gives the vacationers during the tour.This is not only exciting to experience for families with children. While you watch the dolphins frolicking, time flies.  

You can get further information directly from the numerous providers. You can find the Fort Myers Beach Dolphin Adventure Tours at three different locations on Estero Blvd in Fort Myers. Their tours last about 90 minutes. After a safety briefing you will go with a waverunner – better known as jet skis – out to sea. You cannot get much closer to the dolphins than on this agile little contraptions without jumping into the water.  What do the locals so aptly say: The tour is a “once in a lifetime experience”. These attractions are not free, to be sure, but they are worth every penny.

If you do not rent your own boat in Cape Coral, you may be able to rent a boat and book your dream tour here, you can even go by helicopter.

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Straight from the boat onto your bike – this is everyday life in Cape Coral

Boats play a big role in Cape Coral and the surrounding area. It’s no wonder roads, canals and other waterways balance out the city. If you enjoy it, you can spend most of  your vacation on a boat. Even on your own motorboat. Lots of vacation homes and villas have a boat dock. The boats can also be rented without a license. An intensive theoretical and practical instruction is sufficient, and you are ready to explore the beautiful beaches and the islands of Cape Coral and Fort Myers for example Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. Both islands are worth a visit. Take a few hours and enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the many good restaurants.

Das können Sie auf Sanibel Island erwarten

For people who are romantically inclined, the idyllic location of the islands is often a reason to relax and get married here. You can even plan the wedding from Germany. However, you need a so-called marriage license in the US. How to get that and what other documents are needed for the local marriage, Florida vacationing love birds can find here: Clerk of Courts office +1 (239) 533-5007 and www.leeclerk.org.

If you just want to explore the beautiful landscape on Sanibel Island, you can do so by bike or on the Segway. The hotels usually supply bikes for their guests, but there are also public bike rental stations available, where visitors on the island can get a bike or book a Segway. However, the roads on Captiva Island require a bit skill and experience in cycling. Less experienced cyclists should probably forego this.

What should you know about Sanibel Island

  • No house may tower above the tallest palm tree
  • Here are the largest shell occurrences in the USA, for example at Bowman’s Beach Park
  • Sanibel can also be reached without a boat via the Sanibel Causeway.
  • The total area of Sanibel is less than 38 square miles
  • The widest point of the island is 3 miles

Golf courses and parks – zones of recreation 

Parks have a special status in Florida and this goes for Cape Coral and Fort Myers as well. This applies to the huge nature reserves with their original flora and fauna as well as for the lovingly maintained parks in the cities. At the very least you should have a nature reserve visit on your Florida vacation. These are national monuments that are protected and they experience almost mystical honor.

This applies above all to the Everglades, a huge marshland in the South of Florida. The Everglades National Park is listed as one of 209 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Only places which stand out for their uniqueness make it onto this list. This park is unique in more ways than one. At first glance you do not realize that the Everglades are a river. Up to 37 miles wide, but so flat, that the first impression is reminiscent of a huge underwater meadow. Through this grassland, the river makes its way at around 3 feet per hour. This illusion has earned the everglades the nickname “grass river”. Today’s Everglades National Park has only about a fifth of the size that the marshes originally had. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma left a picture of devastation in the National Park. Just months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Still today the park is not fully recovered from the damage Wilma has done at that time.

The variety offered in the amusement parks is even more extensive, for example the Tropical Breeze Fun Park on Santa Barbara Blvd., where even laser tag fans get their money’s worth while the kids are on the mini golf course and having fun. If that’s not enough to make the kids tired, we recommend a visit to the Jumping Jack’s Fun Zone.  In the huge indoor playground you can jump around to your heart’s content. 

Golf courses as destinations? If you want to bring a bit of the typical Florida feeling home with you, a visit to a golf course is required. For many locals the sporting aspect is not what is most important. For them, golf is part of their active leisure time. The golf courses are manicured and cared for with the same dedication as the big parks. There are hilly landscapes, artificial lakes and even waterfalls. Now the golf ball or golfing only plays a secondary role. For most, who swing the gulf club here, that is probably the case as well. They just enjoy the great environment, nice company and the wonderful weather. It’s no surprise that on some golf courses during high season there are crowds that you can find on a mini golf course.

Beaches like in a Hollywood movie 

When you come to Florida, of course, every now and then you would like to spend a few pleasant hours on the Gulf of Mexico. But you can hardly call a trip to the beach an attraction. At least that’s what you are inclined to think. That is until you leave the dunes behind for the first time and set foot on the incredibly fine sand of Bowman’s Beach in Sanibel Island. The water is crystal clear and greets the overwhelmed tourist with a light blue hue. At this moment you will feel like you are in a commercial. Bowman’s Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world among connoisseurs for good reason. But you can actually say that about all the beaches in Fort Myers and the surrounding area. 

An excursion to the Cape Coral Historical Museum

“Oooh,” I hear you saying. “Not a museum on my vacation!”  Yes, but not just any museum, the Cape Coral Historical Museum on Cultural Park Boulevard. Since 1987, the history of Cape Coral is being recorded. You should not miss to see this exciting journey through time. The museum is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00 to 16:00 and on Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00. In the souvenir shop you can find many beautiful memorabilia to remember your vacation in Cape Coral. The entrance fee for adults is currently $ 5, children and teens up to 17 years and students have free admission.

Excursions for the young and the old

  1. The Everglades
  2. The beautiful beaches of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers
  3. Amusement parks like the Tropical Breeze Fun Park
  4. The scenic parks in the cities, for example, the Jaycee Park in Cape Coral
  5. The lovingly maintained golf courses
  6. The Cape Coral Historical Museum

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