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What about medical care in Cape Coral and Fort Myers?

If you spend your vacation in Cape Coral or Fort Myers and you happen to get sick, which is always a possibility, you will find competent help quickly. Both Cape Coral and Fort Myers have several clinics and physicians

While Florida’s hospitals will more likely treat serious illnesses, the so-called walk-in clinics are taking care of less severe health problems. Just like in Germany, the doctor will give you a prescription, that you can give to the pharmacy to be filled. Very important: The emergency number in the US is 911!

Here you will find competent help in case of a medical emergency in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Cape Coral Hospital
    636 Del Prado Blvd
    Cape Coral, FL 33990
  • Lee Memorial Hospital
    2776 Cleveland Ave
    Fort Myers, FL33901 
  • Health Park Medical Center
    9981 S Healthpark Dr.
    Fort Myers, FL33908
  • Gulf Coast Medical Center
    13681 Doctors Way
    Fort Myers,FL 33912

Doctors and dentists in Cape Coral

Dr. Hayes William1708 Cape Coral Pkwy WCape Coral+1 239-540-1495
Dr. Andrea Cambio
632 Del Prado Blvd N #201Cape Coral+1 239-829-7102
Dr. Ellen Hoefer-Hopf507 Cape Coral Pkwy ECape Coral +1 239-549-4140
Dr. Harold Scott Harris625 Del Prado Blvd SCape Coral+1 239-772-3636
Dr. John C. Kagan3210 Cleveland Ave Suite 100Fort Myers+1 239-936-6778

Do not be tormented by toothache on your vacation. Dentists in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Dr. Larry Dunford3209 Del Prado BlvdCape Coral239-542-3141
Cape Dental Care3001 Del Prado BlvdCape Coral239-549-8921
Gulf Coast Smiles4905 Chiquita BlvdCape Coral239-549-0001
Cape Smiles 2529 Santa Barbara BoulevardCape Coral239-800-3955
Gentle Dental12691 McGregor Blvd. 101Fort Myers239-482-0429

Go to the pharmacy with your prescription

There is no shortage of pharmacies in Cape Cape Coral and Fort Myers. There are nearly two dozen of them. You can have your prescription filled that you have received from the attending physician. However, you almost exclusively receive prescription drugs here. You can also get any of these over the counter drugs at larger gas stations or in the supermarket. Some pharmacies can be found as independent departments in supermarkets.

Do this in case of an illness, to recover quickly

  1. If quick assistance is required, dial 911
  2. Select a clinic, a doctor or a dentist nearby
  3. Make an appointment
  4. Have the diagnosis made
  5. Go to the pharmacy with your prescription

Drawers of a pharmacy

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